Permission and Liability Form


A Day in the Life

Permission and Liability Form


I (the parent or legal guardian of the camper) give my child permission to travel under the supervision of one or more persons authorized by the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and the Marcus Whitfield Youth Camp. I understand that my child may travel in a vehicle authorized by the camp and engage in various physical activities. I hereby release the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and its staff, agents and employees of sponsoring organizations from any and all liability.

I, do hereby certify that my child is mentally and physically able to participate in the camp activities. In case of an accident or illness, I hereby authorize the director of the Marcus Whitfield Youth Camp, or an authorized representative thereof, as agent for the undersigned, to consent to any medical or dental aid (including but not limited to x-ray examination, anesthetic injection, medical or surgical diagnosis, treatment and/or hospital care) which are deemed necessary by the treating physician, staff and or hospital personnel. I give permission for the director of an authorized representative, to assist the child with self administrations of prescribed medications when necessary. All parties understand the child or guardian must provide all medications. 

I hereby state the Marcus Whitfield youth Camp or the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office are NOT responsible for any pre-existing injury or reoccurrence of any undisclosed injury of illness of the above individual prior to the first day of the Marcus Whitfield Youth Camp. 

I will allow my child’s image or likeness to be used without compensation in any or all photographs, videos or any other electronic media for the Marcus Whitfield youth Camp promotional purposes.